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Whether you are dressing as a super hero, a space invader or a character from history, the outfit is not complete without the weapons.

See our fantastic range of Bandits Swords, Bloody Knives, Pirates Cutlasses, Devil’s Forks, Cowboy Guns, Bullet Belts and Police Cudgels – all plastic of course. Take your pick from Machine Guns, Cowboy Rifles, Bull Whips, Crusader’s Swords and Hatches. Murder and maraud without the risk of injury with our realistic looking plastic props.

Great weapons complete the outfit and are safe, harmless fun. Browse through our weapon online and match them with outfits for your next fancy dress party.


We have guns, swords, knives, and more

Perfect accessories for any costume

We have weapons for Cops, Cowboys, Indians, Gangsters, etc