Halloween Accessories


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Halloween Accessories 

Halloween accessories come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Choose a ‘Blood Drip’ necklace or tortuous talons, Vampire Fangs or a Witch Hat with hair attached. Use Glitter Hair Spray or try a Devil Wig with Horns.

We have Orange Halloween Tights, ones splattered in Blood pattern and ones with a Skeleton Pattern.

Choose Bat Wings or Halloween Bloody Weapons, Pointed Ears, Devil Horned hair-bands and don’t forget to check out our masks – Latex, hard masks and pretty sequined masks.

Whether you are a Vampire, a Witch, a Ghoul or a Walking Dead we have accessories to complete your outfit.

Halloween Accessories

Here we have all the gastly bits you need to complete your Halloween Costume

Devil Horns & Pitchforks, Monster teeth & Ears

Spooktaular accessories for a freakishly good look!